My Grown-up Vegan Grilled Cheese

I think grilled cheese is one of those comfort foods that we still hate to admit we love as adults. I for one, cannot and will not deny my love for grilled cheese sandwiches. As an adult, I put a little twist to them now to make them more “grown-up.”

So here’s one of my go to recipes for grilled cheese when the craving hits like tonight.

For the caramelized onions:
• 2 tsp. “butter” (Earth-Balance)
• 1 large onion, thinly sliced (Spanish onion)
• 2 tbsp. sugar (I used coconut sugar
• 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar

I start by slicing the onions as thin as I can get them


Then I drop in the “butter” and let it melt and throw in the onions… I like to let the onions  get soft and once the smell of onions cooking hits then I throw in the sugar and the balsamic vinegar and sautéed it until it looks “burnt.”


once the onions are done cooking I let them sit while I start my grilled cheese… I start by “buttering” my bread on one side and throwing them on the pan for a few minutes until it’s a nice crispy toast, flip it and put “cheese” lately I’ve been using the “gouda” cheese. But feel free to use whatever you want.

Right before you put the both ends together put those onions on the cheese and close that baby up… and then cut it in half just like mom used to and dig in!



For the Love of Cheese!

My love of cheese was the hardest thing to give up during my change of diet. However, I found comfort in these new cheeses:

1.) “CHAO” Field Roast-this company makes 3 different types of cheeses as you can see from the photo below. My husband is a fan of the Tomato Cayenne slices it because it has a little kick at the end. I’m a fan of the Creamy Original because I love grilled cheeses. These cheeses are found at “DeCicco’s”, “Mrs. Green’s” “Trader Joes” or any other health food market around and are usually kept in the Vegan section or fridge. These cheese slices cost around $5 and are all Non-GMO and Non-Dairy. I give these cheeses a 5 star rating.


2.) “Follow Your Heart”– This company makes cheese alternatives, spreads, dressings, and vegenaise. They’re cheeses come in slices and blocks too. I am a huge fan of their shredded Parmesan cheese and they’re mozzarella. When I first picked up the shredded parmesan my heart jumped for joy because I used to go to the fridge and just eat shredded parmesan straight out of the container. This Parmesan tastes just like the regular one. Now, when I saw the mozzarella there, I had mixed feelings because in my head I thought “how could anything really resemble mozzarella?” but the other night I cut up some pieces, sliced up some tomato and basil and bam it was amazing! I have yet to try their slices but they have so many different cheeses I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time.


3.) “Go Veggie”– I found this cheese when I was planning a trip to the beach… Yes, the beach. I like to take cheese and crackers with me to the beach or really anywhere I go if I can. This company has slices which are perfect for burgers, sloppy joes, and grilled cheeses, they also have a grated parmesan cheese option for your spaghetti and the best thing is their individually wrapped serving of cheese, perfect for the beach, pool or just snacking on. They also have shredded cheeses which are pretty amazing also!


4.) “Daiya”– Cream Cheese!!! Because who doesn’t enjoy a nice toasted bagel with cream cheese in the morning?! This cream cheese is so good and if the husband is a fan of it then I know it’s a winner in our house!  It’s soy free, casein free and lactose free! 90 Calories and Cholesterol Free. Now I’m a plain type of girl but they also have Chive & Onion, and Strawberry flavors. Daiya also offers, shredded cheeses, cheese blocks, pizzas, Yogurts, Cheesecake, salad dressings and they even boxed mac and cheese.



As you can see I haven’t really experimented too much in this department mainly because I found what I loved and kind of just stuck with those products for the moment. My next entry (on Monday) will be on meats and eggs because I can’t live without those either. I hope this was helpful!