“Meat Me in the Middle”

After emerssing myself fully into the Vegan lifestyle there was obviously something else missing… Meat! In my house we used to have some type of meat or chicken with vegetables and rice or something along those lines. We would either go out for wings or burgers. Thinking about it makes my mouth water. So, here are some suggestions that I found for a replacement to meat and chicken.

1.) Jack Fruit– This magical “fruit” that I’ve never ever seen before in my life and is enormous! This fruit here grows in South Asia which is another reason why I’ve never seen this before. The good thing is that if you have an Asian market around you can find this in fruit form or you can look for the jackfruit in can also. Jackfruit has the same texture as “pulled pork” which is why this little fruit has helped my husband with his pork fix. (Recipes to follow) sweet-jackfruit-pieces-today-stock-inline-170111_161effb635290b78dbc9fe142a9c1463.today-inline-large.jpg


2.) “Beyond Meat”- This company has many different “meat” and “chicken” products available. I’ve had the crumbles and can say it’s amazing! I had this when I wanted spaghetti with bolognese sauce and it tastes exactly the same as ground beef or better! The “Burger patties” are probably mine and my husbands’ favorite. They look exactly like regular burgers and offer lots of protein at the same time. If you love grilled chicken on your salad or on a sandwich they have differnt flavors of “chicken” and they’re all pretty darn good! http://beyondmeat.com/products


3.) Tempeh: Which is a traditional soy product and It is made by a natural culturing and controlled fermentation process that binds soybeans into a cake form, similar to Tofu. It can take many different forms and flavors depending on how you cook it. It’s not the best thing to look at but it’s really yummy I think.

4.) Cauliflower- You can make cauliflower into anything really… I’ve made Beer battered cauliflower tacos and they were a hit I’ve even had Cauliflower General Tso’s for those nights I crave chinese food.

Now if you’re looking for Sausage and peppers type of deal I’d suggest using Field Roast, these are as close as you’re gonna get for a great sausage experience. My favorite is the Chipotle sausage because I’m a fan of spicy sausages. The Italian one is perfect for sausage and peppers. Field-Roast-Sausage-Links.jpg

If you’re looking for hotdogs they have them too as well as breakfast sausages if you’re into that kind of stuff.

My husband is a fanatic for ham and cheeses so I had to do some searching and taste testing for “deli slices” and here’s what I found:

Tofurky:  Just as the name suggests it’s made with tofu… This is something I was super hesitant about. I’m not a fan of tofu AT ALL… It looks gross and there’s something about the texture I just am not a lover of… unless it’s in a miso soup sometimes. However, when I was looking for something to substitute as deli meat I found this one and decided to give it the college try… and… It wasn’t bad AT ALL. There is the issue of the “look” of the deli slices but once you get over that then it’s really not that bad at all. They have different types too so it’s not just one boring slices. http://www.tofurky.com/what-we-make/deli-slices/smoked-ham/