The Big Change

The day finally came when something snapped in me. I was sitting on the couch at home late at night looking for something to watch since Orange is the New Black was done. I was scrolling and then I saw it “What the Health?” a documentary about food. I was nervous when I first clicked on the play button. “Will I regret this in the morning?, will I even really care? Will I run to the deli in the morning and order an egg and cheese on roll without really even thinking twice?”

So, I watched it.. All… Even the gross parts with my eyes open. Needless to say, I woke up the next morning, opened my fridge looked at it and saw, eggs, chicken, turkey bacon, and a boatload of cheese… and thought, “this is it! I have to cut all this out of my diet.” I started this journey of weeding out (slowly) all the dairy out of my diet because I knew that I wasn’t supposed to be eating it to begin with (according to my doctor). It was not an easy task and my husband wasn’t too thrilled to say the least. I started doing a plant-based diet that week to see how I felt, this was more of a “trial period” for me. I’m not a fan of “trending diets, or fads” so I didn’t want to seem like one of those people.

First thing I noticed, I wasn’t using my rescue inhaler as much as I was before. Second thing I noticed, I wasn’t in a “fog” at work and wasn’t sluggish during the day it was quite the opposite I felt like how I used to feel when I played sports. My husband who is my support system and always pushes me also felt the same way and when he said that, I knew I was on to something. The third thing I noticed was my face clearing up from the acne that my PCOS also contributes. I was hooked.

We started the transition to Vegan… I never in a million years thought I would EVER say “excuse me sir, do you have anything that’s vegan on your menu?” I prepared myself for the looks, the comments and the “oh is this another one of those diets to lose weight?” from friends and family. I prepared myself to give some answers. My first experience, my mother-in-laws birthday party… Steaks and chicken on the grill, hot dogs, cheese.. the works! Naturally, my husband was still slowly transitioning and so was I, I opted for bean tacos with no cheese, and when I got the question “you don’t want a piece of steak? or chicken?” “Not even cheese? It’s your favorite!” I answered with an excuse “No thank you, I’m not feeling so great and just want some beans to hold me off for now.” I suck I thought to myself.

Lucky for me my sister in law was also trying to stay away from dairy, poultry and meat so I didn’t feel so awkward. Later on, I faced my mother and had to tell her that I was trying to change my diet and her response “well, when did this happen? and why?” as she ate her salmon. My response “I have to do this for me and my health and I’m already feeling better.” My sister, at least she sort of understands it and replied with the best answer to my mother at the table “Because Mom! It’s not vegan or gluten-free!” I love her for being so blunt.

So, here I am 2 months in I’ve gone to BBQ’s, the beach, birthday parties and a baby shower and I’ve survived! I’ve done A LOT of research, read plenty of articles and made a commitment to myself to keep going. It’s hard and I’ve thought plenty of times it’s stupid, it’s too hard, or it’s pointless… but the truth is, you have to work hard at things in order to succeed and see the benefits. Now that I’ve bored you with my background I will share some recipes and some products that have helped our transition into veganism a little bit easier to deal with.