I’m Back!

I haven’t written in a while and mostly because I’ve been swamped at work and then also just got back from vacation.

I’m starting off this post with an updated on my health. I finally had a check up with my doctor a month ago and this is how it went. My doctor weighed me and told me the greatest thing every woman wants to hear… “Congratulations you lost 10 lbs!” Woo!!! I deserve an adult gold star for that. Blood work was next and when called with the results I immediately told my husband the news. My cholesterol had significantly dropped and I was no longer in danger of being a diabetic. When she asked what I had been doing I simply answered, “well, I did what you said and changed my diet, I’m a vegan.” She was so thrilled for my clean bill of health and told me to continue doing what I was doing and to throw some exercise in there.

Fast forward to my vacation that I just got back from.. I went to visit my family in Spain, land of amazing cheeses, olive oils, seafood and meats… which at one point I would have devoured in the amount of time there. This trip was different for my husband and I and here’s how it went. My grandmother could not understand it and still will not understand it at all. I let her know that my husband and I were both vegans and didn’t eat meat, seafood or any sort of poultry… her facial expressions said it all. It was the hardest vacation ever for us. She went and bought fish the first day there… I had a salad… the second day she made chicken… etc.

Because my husband was there with me I felt like I had some support so we would wander off for walks and eventually came across a vegan supermarket! We went on a little bit of a shopping spree and brought home cheeses and breads and vegetables and my grandmother, being the grandmother that she is was a little upset but got over it once I really let her know how the situation was. I have a new found respect for my commitment and my strength during vacation while being vegan because it was not an easy thing. Being in NY veganism is easy to do if you really want to but back in Europe it’s the hardest and one of the most challenging things to do.

So, that’s it I just thought I’d share my update on my health and my trip and I should be writing more frequently now that I’m back! Thanks for reading!!


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